Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology: Elevating Comfort and Care.

Driven by steadfast dedication to dental wellness, patient comfort, overall health, and aesthetic excellence, Dr. Kathleen Carson & her team integrate the most advanced technology into their practice.

Laser Dentistry​

We use multiple different types of lasers designed for various treatment needs.  Laser dentistry is a cutting-edge field that utilizes lasers to perform a variety of dental procedures with precision and minimal discomfort for patients. These lasers produce highly concentrated light beams that can effectively remove or reshape tissue, making them valuable tools in both soft and hard tissue applications.  
Overall, laser dentistry offers numerous advantages, including greater precision, less discomfort during and after procedures, reduced need for anesthesia, and minimized risk of infection. It represents a significant advancement in dental care, providing patients with safer, more comfortable, and more efficient treatment options.

Innovative Technologies

  • 3D Cone Beam Scan: A 3D Cone Beam Scan is low radiation and provides detailed images of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, aiding in precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Intraoral Cameras: Intraoral cameras capture high-resolution images of the inside of your mouth, allowing for better visualization and documentation of dental conditions.

  • Digital Scanners for Dental Impressions: Digital scanners create accurate, 3D digital impressions of your teeth, enhancing comfort and precision in the creation of crowns, bridges, and aligners.

  • Computerized Bite Analysis: Computerized bite analysis evaluates your bite dynamics and identifies issues such as misalignments, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of bite-related problems.

  • Salivary Diagnostics: Salivary diagnostics analyze saliva samples to detect oral and systemic conditions, offering a non-invasive method to monitor your overall health.

  • AI Technology for Aligner Treatment Remote Monitoring: AI technology enables remote monitoring of aligner treatments, providing real-time feedback and adjustments to ensure effective and efficient orthodontic care.

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