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Dentist uses AGGA on himself

My friend and respected colleague Leonard Kundel DMD used the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance to treat himself.

During treatment, Dr. Kunders lower jaw returned to center. It was always rested to the right. This created frequent jaw muscle tension. Debilitating fatigue plagued him for years and was alleviated after only two months of appliance therapy. He no longer wakes up with “a heavy head wanting to sleep more and more”.

AGGA can help children grow their jaws properly

Dr. Kundel used the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance to treat this child.

This patient that had been wearing pediatric removable growth appliance( RAGA ) for four months when the after picture was taken. The left side of the face was compressed and lowered. Once the appropriate stimulus was initiated his head began leveling out. You can learn more about AGGA by visiting Dr. Kunders website (Learn More).

Goals of AGGA Treatment

The goals of the AGGA treatment are: more pleasing facial appearance, less jaw pain, better tongue positioning. The AGGA appliance encourages forward development of the jaws and/or forward movement of the teeth. This can create more tongue space, a larger airway and heather jaw joints.

More benefits of AGGA Treatment

  • Forward Growth Guidance of the jaws 
  • Room for all of the permanent teeth to erupt (Larger Airway)
  • Stronger Profile
  • More Pleasing Facial Appearance

Getting Braces in Agoura Hills with Integrative Dental Arts

The decision to straighten your teeth can be challenging to make. Many of our patients enter our doors with some trepidation. We’ve heard the talk on the streets about dentists of Agoura Hills and the discomfort that braces can cause. However, at Integrative Dental Arts, we specialize in ensuring that our patients are treated with the same care and compassion that our families deserve. That is why we work with our patients to describe their current situation and what corrective options are available. 

When it comes to your options for teeth straightening, braces or orthodontics are one of the most popular options for good reasons.

Understanding Why You Need Braces

If you have been dealing with crooked, gapped, or overlapping teeth, you may have talked to your dentist about the need for straightening. Before we dive too deeply into what it takes to get braces, it is essential to understand why braces or other forms of teeth straightening are necessary. Here are some of the most significant issues our patients face as a result of misaligned teeth. 

  • Difficulty with Proper Cleaning –Overlapping, gapped, or crooked teeth create two significant issues for dental hygiene. The first is that these spaces in your teeth can create extra space for food particles to get stuck after a meal. Excess food that stays in your teeth and gums is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infection or damage your teeth. The second issue with misaligned teeth is that it makes cleaning more difficult. Routine brushing or mouthwash may not remove all of the food particles leading to an increased risk of infection or tooth decay. 
  • Cracking Teeth – When your teeth aren’t correctly aligned, it can affect your ability to bite or speak correctly. Unfortunately, many patients end up breaking or chipping a tooth due to the poorly aligned teeth.
  • Poor Self-Esteem – If you’ve been hiding your smile because you’re afraid of the first impression you might leave, then teeth straightening can offer a considerable benefit. Many of our patients don’t realize how much stress they usually carry about their appearance until they have straight teeth and are proud to show off their new smile!

Why You Should Consider Braces in Agoura Hills

Braces have advanced with dental technologies and are more effective and comfortable than ever before. Additionally, braces offer several significant advantages over other teeth alignment procedures. Understanding some of the basic structures of braces can help patients visualize the entire process. Braces are comprised of a few different pieces. 

The first part of braces is called a bracket. Brackets are small pieces of ceramic or metal that are placed directly on the surface of the tooth. The brackets are then linked together with an arch wire. This wire is then manipulated using either spacers or ligature elastics (also called O-rings) that help move the teeth gradually into the proper alignment. 

Some of the most significant benefits of using braces are that they aren’t removable and don’t get lost. This can often be an issue with other teeth alignment systems that are fragile or easily misplaced. However, one of the main drawbacks for many patients is the need for temporary changes in some foods you eat. It is crucial to work with your dentist to determine which approach is best suited for your life. 

If you are considering braces in Agoura Hills, talk to the friendly staff at Integrative Dental Arts and see the difference we can make for you!